What is Fund Administration?

Provident Trust Group’s highly qualified team of tax attorneys and professionals provide a comprehensive range of Fund Administration for a variety of fund types: Mutual funds, hedge funds, pension funds and other variations. We will collaborate with your management team to develop a customized fund administration service package that is specifically suited to your needs; leaving you confident that every aspect of financial accounting and reporting for your fund is being accomplished in full compliance with regulation mandates.

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Fund Administration Services

Net Asset Value (NAV) Calculation
Precise calculation and current reporting of your Net Asset Values, including income and expense accruals, keeping your current market values up to date on a daily basis.

Portfolio Valuation
In addition to providing detailed reporting on the performance of your portfolio, our professionals will also identify any potential adjustments needed to fully achieve your goals.

Financial Accounting
Provident can manage all or a portion of the financial accounting requirements for your fund. Services are fully customizable. Full reconciliation of your accounts with your broker’s records can be provided with full filing of your funds accounting records and reports.

Client Reporting
Provident provides customized reporting to fit our clients’ specific requirements, regardless of whether it is a full portfolio report, a risk report, attribution report or any of your other reporting needs.

Registrar and Transfer Agency Services
Investor transfers including the issuance, transfer, and redemption of shares. Also processing of subscriptions and redemptions.

Performance Equalization
We will handle the complex calculations needed for equalization of your fund when required or preferred and provide all necessary reporting.

Shareholder Servicing
Complete and competent shareholder reporting on an annual or semi-annual basis in formats that are clear and comprehensive in nature.

Confirmation of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance
Performance of services required to verify the identity of investors as required under the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations of the United States and assure your fund’s compliance.

“Provident Trust Group has grown to over 10,000 clients, both internationally and across the U.S. Our clients rely upon our professional and personalized service to meet their needs for full or partial fund administration.”

The Provident Advantage

Complex Calculations and Reporting Simplified
The Provident approach focuses on simplifying the complex. As your fund administrator, we make sure that every regulation for recording and reporting for your fund is met and that you are kept informed of changes in regulations as they relate to your particular funds.

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